Vitto Meirelles

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Nouvel album “Da Hora” (Cooking Vinyl) sorti le 27 septembre 2019

Chanteur, compositeur, interprète, originaire de Rio de Janeiro, Vitto Meirelles a été bercé par le métissage caractérisant sa culture et imprégnant ses racines et son histoire. Compositeur fécond, il recherche inlassablement de nouvelles harmonies, voyageant dans un univers pluriel où n’existent aucune frontière entre samba, bossa, jazz, funk, pop, musique classique, populaire et traditionnelle. Sa recherche sonore et harmonique d’une grande finesse, fait de lui un maître incontesté de la musique brésilienne actuelle. Vitto dont l’oeuvre est prolifique, a composé pour le cinéma, le théâtre et la guitare classique. Il a aussi travaillé avec Henri Salvador, Gilberto Gil, Matthieu Chedid, Agnes Jaoui, Salif Keita, Seu Jorge…
As a Carioca, Vitto Meirelles drew on the constant rhythms and pulse of Rio life as inspiration for his own compositions and songs; a seamless fusion of samba, bossa nova, classical, jazz, popular and traditional music. Throughout his musical career, Vitto has always paid deep respect for the Brazilian guitarists and singers who played a pivotal role in his career including Noel Rosa, Ary Barroso, Joao Gilberto, Dorival Caymmi, Elizeth Cardoso, Dolores Duran and Villa Lobo. Music, for Vitto Meirelles, is everything, “Music is the center of my life, I make music every day, I compose, I play, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up from the bed, sing some songs, my life is music, my eternal companion of all my days and seconds. Without the music I would not exist.” Vitto Meirelles is poised to release a new album later in 2019 – ‘Da Hora’ (‘This is the time’) through the UK’s leading independent record label and arguably UK’s finest for the singer/songwriter tradition, Cooking Vinyl, home to Richard Ashcroft, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Billy Bragg and Passenger. ‘Da Hora’ is a 14-track album of sensitive lyrics with cross-over jazz – samba rhythms. It follows on from Vitto’s 2017 release ‘Vem Rei’ which included special guest musicians and friends: Gilberto Gil, Agnès Jaoui, Vincent Segal, Arto Lindsay, Sébastien Martel. ‘Da Hora’ embraces both Brazilian and French influences that define Vitto’s music and songs. The light electronic opening track ‘A Fonte secou’ with its samba, reggae rhythms is reminiscent of Arto Lindsay and Brazilian composer, singer and political activist, Caetano Veloso. Vitto Meirelles’ polished performance has flavours of João Gilberto, both master guitarist and lyricist, inventor of bossa nova. Vitto dedicates ‘Esse Ano’ (‘This Year’) is a gift for João Gilberto’s dedication to music, nights without sleeping, the joy and anguish in discovering the most beautiful and subtle style of music, samba.