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Album “Let The Morning Come” sorti le 15 octobre 2021

The self-produced Let the Morning Come is the latest step in his evolution as an artist renowned for conjuring dreamy melodies from unconventional arrangements. Drawing on the luxurious sounds of Marvin Gaye’s masterpieceWhat’s Going On, and utilising an eclectic palette that encompasses complex polyrhythms, Medieval recorder harmonies, and the languid sigh of a second hand Hammond organ, Wästberg sought to “condense” his songwriting, with the aim of evoking the immediacy of the music of his youth.“ Lyrically too, time is of the essence, as displayed in song titles like ‘Before The Morning Comes’,‘I Don’t Think We Should Wait’ and ‘Time To Let It Out.’ This palpable sense of a race againsttime is heightened by the fact he suffered a stroke in January of this year, when the album was“99% complete.” Now thankfully recovered, the experience has only strengthened his resolve to grasp every possible opportunity and to live life authentically and without fear, ideas which ultimately permeate the album. “If it brings a tear to your eye, I guess it was worth the try,” he muses on ‘Time To Let It Out’,while ‘Spend A Lifetime’ finds him gently cajoling the listener with questions like, “Time is running out, how long you gonna wait?” That the results are genuinely thought-provoking rather than cloying or didactic, is thanks to both the sincerity of the sentiment and the inventiveness ofhis arrangements. Wästberg explains, “I was debating discussing these themes, but then I realised I would be lying if I didn’t talk about them. And of course, this is a very personal thing, but I really hope that I’ve managed to write songs that aren’t about me and my specific situation… Because, I mean, everyone’s gone through a lot of stuff-it doesn’t have to be these big, life-changing things. And there will always be struggle. Mostly, I just hope people enjoy the grooves. ”Certainly, they’re there in abundance onLet the Morning Come,a revelatory and restorative collection that suggests2021 might just be Wästberg’s big year yet.