Bjørn Berge

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Nouvel album disponible – Heavy Gauge (2021)
(Blue Mood / Grappa / PIAS)

Après une longue carrière en tant qu’artiste solo et presque deux ans après avoir intégré Vamp (l’un des groupes les plus connus et appréciés en Norvège depuis une vingtaine d’années), il est temps pour Bjørn Berge de se lancer dans de nouveaux projets ! Cette fois-ci, il propose un nouveau live accompagné d’une batterie et une basse, qui apportent encore plus de profondeur et une dimension supplémentaire aux morceaux. Les nouvelles chansons sont essentiellement des compositions de Bjørn Berge et elles ne manquent ni d’énergie, ni de nuances. Son nouvel album regorge de blues lourd et de rock, ponctués de morceaux plus calmes. Les fans de la première heure ne seront pas déçus !
The band consists of Bjørn Berge (guitar / vocal) – Odin Staveland (drums) – Kjetil Ulland (bass). After many years as solo artist and now almost two years after joining Vamp (Vamp is one of the most acclaimed and well known band in Norway for about 20 years), it’s time for some new projects under the direction of Bjørn Berge. This time with an expanded sound image live, as he brings drums and bass on the road. This gives the songs an even wider and further spectrum and the trio complements each other to the extreme on stage. The song material is essentially self-composed and lacks no energy or dynamics. Those who like Bjørn Berges music and guitar playing from previous times, will definitely not be disappointed with this new album and collaboration on stage. Driving dense blues and rocking tracks along with some “breathing breaks” along the way. Bjørn Berge – Should be a well known name for most people after almost 20 years as solo artist. He has made countless records, received 2 national Grammys in Norway for his albums, traveled around much of Europe over the last 12 years. Have visited a number of guitar / jazz / rock festivals and clubs around countries such as Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine and the United States. Odin Staveland – Drummer / Vocalist / Multi Instrumentalist from Vamp. He also has his own solo career and released the album “Mellon husene” (eng. “Between the houses”) in 2015. Kjetil Ulland – Perhaps most known as bassist in the Norwegian bands “Packers” and “Bjellands Ugras”, but for many in the music industry, he is also well known as an eminent music producer / sound engineer, both on the road and at ABC Studio in Etne.